What is Graphics Design?

What is Graphic Design? Have any difference between Graphics and Design. Or, They are the same meaning. As Graphics Designer we should know about the definition of Graphic Design.

Firstly, Most people think Graphic Design is something that we create on a computer or any Digital Devices. In fact, Graphic Design is not that at all. If I draw something on the wall, surface, paper, or anywhere that’s called graphic design.

Graphics is that thing that we can see in our eyes and what we can touch. On the other hand, Design is that thing that we think in our mind. If we think or draw something in our mind that’s called Design. Design is that that thing we can’t touch or see. When we publish our thinking on any paper, surface, computer, or anywhere that will be Graphics.

The best example is me. I am a graphics. Allah thinks about me and creates me.

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